Supporting our brothers and sisters in Iraq.

Conflict, violence and persecution have decimated the Christian community in Iraq. The ongoing economic and political persecution and suppression is failing to improve the lives of thousands of Christians. Post-conflict trauma and mental health issues, lack of education provision and the destruction of economic life, makes rebuilding a generational task. 

At Anglican Friends of Ankawa, we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to help sustain the communities across Northern Iraq - to help our brothers and sisters keep the witness of Jesus Christ alive in this ancient and holy land. 

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The Anglican Friends of Ankawa brings members of the Church of England and the worldwide Anglican Communion together in fellowship to support our brothers and sisters of all Christian denominations living in Northern Iraq.

As initiative established by the UK charity, Ankawa Foundation, our events, prayer, fundraising and your membership, supports ongoing activity in Northern Iraq to aid Iraq's Christian communities in rebuilding after years of violence, conflict and persecution. With thousands made homeless, driven from their towns and villages, life has stagnated. Destroyed farmland, political paralysis and ongoing violence make returning home nearly impossible. Unemployment is endemic and hope for the future is seen to exist only in migrating. 

There is so much we can do to help. In joining us, you are keeping the Good News alive in a country torn apart by conflict, by providing training, work, education and hope for the future to God's people.



The work of the Ankawa Foundation, is a UK based charity working to provide long-term solutions for a number of pressing health, education and social issues affecting the Christian community in Iraq. Our most significant causes are those that are often brushed aside by most. Our battle is building resilience against persecution, and hope for the future within these communities.

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Children have been uprooted and schools destroyed, we are working to get them back into the classroom, and to receive a better quality of education once there.



Addressing mental and physical health after years of war and violence is an ongoing task. From slavery, sexual exploitation and personal loss, there are many hurdles we are working to help people overcome.

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Access to means of employment is a massive problem for displaced and homeless Christian communities. We seek to help an industrious, proud and hard working people, with the means to start again, through support and training. To give hope for the future.


Pray - Act - Give

Almighty God, 

We pray for the people of Iraq, 

for those who have been killed; 

for those who have been raped; 

for those who have been enslaved; 

for those who have been tortured; 

for those who have been forced to flee; 

for those who are persecuted for your sake,

and for their persecutors.

We pray for all those seeking to rebuild, 

for their resilience and fortitude, 

and their unfailing faith. 




Ankawa, Erbil, Iraq


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